Metal posts for vine trellis

At Juma Metal we manufacture and distribute the best quality galvanized steel vine trellis poles.

We manufacture metal poles

We produce metal posts with different characteristics for vineyards and fruit trees that provide an unbeatable weight-strength ratio. Our poles are classified into intermediate and extreme.

Juma Metal brings together extensive knowledge of the cold forming sector of metal profiles for vine trellis, both at a production and market level. This knowledge is the result of several years of experience and of providing solutions to the needs and requirements of our clients.

We have facilities, productive capacity and suitable human resources sufficient to attend with guarantees the businesses and operations in which we are present successfully.

The extreme and intermediate galvanized metal posts for vineyard trellises are Juma Metal’s own product specifically designed to meet the objective of achieving cost control and improving profitability per hectare for our clients.

We have a wide range of vine trellis material to cover all the needs of our clients in their plantations.

The cultivation of the vine in trellis

The cultivation of our vineyards in a traditional way, produces various difficulties over time, such as a necessary increase in the examination of pruning or development, a more laborious harvesting task or an increasing surveillance of inspection against pests or diseases. It is advisable to use effective and efficient methods to improve and make the development of our crop profitable. One of the most profitable is trellising.

The technique of trellis or trellis of the vine has meant a definite progress in the organization and realization of the work in the vineyard. These devices that greatly facilitate the work in the crop and, in addition, manage to improve the profitability of the harvests by mechanizing the tasks, including the harvesting of the grapes.

Trellis vine posts price

The purpose of the trellis or trellis is to help the correct development of the plant, favoring growth in an orderly way and separate from the shoots, which is the branch of the vine. In this way, superior aeration and insolation of the grape is obtained. Processes such as pruning, pesticide application, grape harvesting are more efficient thanks to these fixed supports. The trellises make work related to cultivation more profitable.

Vine trellis poles are a profitable investment.

At Juma Metal we work to perfect our products and help you to obtain greater profitability from your harvest. For this reason, we improve the designs of our posts to trellis in order to meet the requirements required for the support and conduction of the vine and its fruits.

Advantages of vine trellis

The advantages of using the trellis system are remarkable, achieving an approximate 25% increase in economic performance. We can stand out:

  • More plants per vineyard area.
  • Economic savings in grape harvesting.
  • Increase in the photosynthetic rate, as it receives greater aeration and solar exposure.
  • Greater uniformity in the bunches.
  • The trellises act as a growth guide for the plant.
  • Convenience in applying phytosanitary treatments.
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The best wines of Spain

It is an indisputable fact that in many countries, such as Spain, there is a culture of wine, due to its respect for good wines and its wine culture rooted throughout history. The vine for winemaking is a crop present in practically every corner of the planet.

In addition to having a great wine culture, Spain also has a great diversity of wineries spread throughout the national space that produce an interesting number of wines that are part of the select group of the most excellent in the world.

Wine culture in Spain is strongly consolidated, and it is present in almost any aspect of the everyday life of the ordinary citizen, not only as a product but also to refer to social events that include a toast.

There are various elements that influence the quality of the wine, such as the characteristics of the soil, the type of grape or the weather. In addition to all this, we cannot ignore the devices and techniques that are used in crop management. Thanks to these, the grape grows in ideal conditions and a higher profitability of the harvests is achieved.

Trellis posts in Castilla – La ManchaCastilla – La Mancha

Juma Metal distributes posts for vine trellis of all kinds, as well as trellis accessories from the province of Toledo to all of Spain, France and Portugal.