Extreme trellis post for vineyard model JS

Juma Metal manufactures galvanized steel posts for vine trellis structures of the highest quality, in top quality material that guarantees their durability.

The steel used in the production of our posts for trellis in vineyards comes from the main world manufacturers, always having a quality certificate.

We manufacture our posts using DX51 quality steel and Z-275 galvanization grade that provides exceptional qualities in any situation.

We guarantee the traceability of our trellis posts with the greatest precision. We ensure the origin of the steel, thickness of the material, degree of coating and date of manufacture.

The Juma Metal end post provides an extraordinary value for money that results in high profitability for the farmer.

This is an extreme post of reference in the market. Created and designed with the intention of being tough under any soil, any load and regardless of the length of the planting line.

Making the most of the development of galvanized sheet metal, this post achieves unbeatable resistance through its studied folds.s.

The structure of this end post with perfectly defined ribs and thick side walls make it support higher loads.

This post is suitable for any type of soil in any vineyard regardless of the load or height. It is specifically designed to perform in severe terrain and developed to withstand high loads and long rows.

  • Poste extremo para emparrado JS
Jumametal flecha espesor
2,0 mm.
Jumametal flecha vert
2,0 m. 2,2 m. 2,5m.
Jumametal almacenar
Package 100 units.