Reinforced galvanized triple wire

The wire used in vineyards and vineyards is considered an essential factor to guide the vine correctly, thus achieving a higher production. For the vine grower, the objective is to achieve a good harvest with adequate cost control that makes it profitable.

In order to improve the development of the vines without affecting the quality of the harvest and containing the labor costs, wire is used. The most used method is known as espalier, with which it is possible to unfold the branches of the vine in a single direction. The arrangement of the wire in the vine consists of the creation of a structure formed by wires on which the crop is guided throughout its growth.

We supply tension wire used in viticultural facilities and vine structures. In Juma Metal we are aware of the importance of the trellis and conduction system for the vineyard, and for this reason we offer you vine wires such as triple galvanized wire with a duration against corrosion three times longer than conventional wire with normal galvanization. 

Its different coatings offer high protection against the corrosion of fertilizers, insecticides or inclement weather.

Galvanized triple wire diameters for vineyard

At Juma Metal we serve galvanized triple wire in diameters 2.2 – 2.4 – 2.7 – 3.0 mm.

Galvanized wire features and advantages

Galvanized wire is manufactured by hot dipping in molten zinc. A dip galvanized product has a long life depending on the degree of exposure.

Galvanized wire has no maintenance cost. Once galvanized, it is not necessary to paint or perform maintenance to maintain its characteristics. This raises your cost-benefit ratio.

The alloy achieved by galvanizing the wire provides greater layer thickness and resistance, increasing its resistance against scratches and blows.

The main applications are for use in electrowelded mesh, simple torsion trellis, gabions, electrical cable assembly, folded metal parts, bucket handles, laundry hangers, agricultural applications, suction baskets, pieces for shelves, furniture enclosures. , metal staples, corrugated mesh, hangers for false ceilings, barbed wire, corrals or viticulture among others.