Vine protectors

The tree protectors benefit the rapid and adequate development of the plant and increasing the growth rates and its profitability. They act as a shield against all kinds of rodents or rabbits. Our plant protectors are suitable for use on trees, shrubs and vineyards.

We have plant protectors in different heights with holes. These protectants are used when herbicides are not applied.
Under normal conditions, the seedling protector usually withstands several seasons without degradation, so it is reusable. This makes it a profitable tree protector without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

Tubular plant protectors, in addition to protecting from fauna, wind and all kinds of atmospheric phenomena, create a microclimate with a greenhouse effect that benefits the development of the plant.

The holes in our preservatives help to develop a better biomass progress and a more equitable growth of the plant, without giving up the other advantages of a protector without openings.

Pistachio protectors

Protectors not only work well with the vineyard, they are also recommended for almond, kiwi, pistachio and fruit trees in general.

Advantages of the vine protector

  • They protect from the attack of animals.
  • They protect from the drying action of the wind.
  • They protect from excess continuous solar radiation.
  • They protect from frost and other inclement weather.
  • It develops a microclimate that favors the growth of the plant thanks to its greenhouse effect.
  • It benefits a better progress of the biomass of the plant.
  • Simple installation.
  • Low visual environmental impact.
  • Protecor para vid Juma Metal

Characteristics of the perforated vine protection tube

  • Tube diameter 100 mm.
  • Lakes 600 mm. and 700 mm.
  • Green color.
  • Perforated.