Intermediate trellis post for vineyard model JM11

This post is a leader in its segment, its structure is designed so that its ribs provide the maximum resistance of the galvanized steel band with which it is built, thus achieving maximum efficiency compared to its development.

The JM11 intermediate post has a high level of resistance to torsion and is perfectly anchored to the ground. Its high capacity to adapt to all types of terrain and its special characteristics make it the best value for money option on the market.

Due to its galvanized coating, it does not require maintenance to guarantee its properties against atmospheric corrosion.

Aimed at low-rise vineyards or intensive olive groves, its properties make it a wise choice as it is the best option in its category. We have this intermediate post for vine trellis in various thicknesses and lengths with the possibility of custom-made lengths.

  • Poste intermedio para emparrado de vid. Jumametal
Jumametal flecha espesor
1,5 mm. 1,8 mm. 2,0 mm.
Jumametal flecha vert
1,8 m. 2,0 m. 2,2 m.
Jumametal almacenar
Package 200 units.