Accessories for trellised vineyard

Modernizing viticulture taking care of tradition with the aim of improving the performance of the vineyards, has to be the purpose in choosing our accessories for vineyards or trellises.

The vine conduction systems greatly facilitate the work in the vineyard. In these fixed supports the plant develops, facilitates growth in an orderly way and separated from the shoots, which allows aeration and insolation of the grape, pruning, the application of pesticides, harvesting and, in general, helps in all viticulture work.

The set of steel posts and tensioners placed and tied is called trellis, so that they form frames and frames to make trellises with them in the vineyards.

This trellis system is used to support large vine productions in which its weight is considerable and where this structure gives high stability to each of the productive branches and thus providing better conditions to the vine.

The increase in the use of trellis systems is a reality thanks to the advantages it entails when carrying out the multiple tasks associated with maintaining the vineyard.

We have all the accessories you need for the trellis in your field with the best value for money on the market.

The current viticulture and the oldest agricultural arts are some of the aspects that we consider to manufacture innovative products, because it is based on their disposition and the use of appropriate accessories that the yield of the vineyards is increased.