Galvanized iron tutor

The galvanized steel tutor is one of the accessories for reinforcing the development of fruit trees that is gaining the most attention nowadays. Compared to other initiatives traditionally managed such as bamboo, pine or plastic, galvanized iron is the ideal option for tree support.

The tutor is critical for the proper growth of the plant, as it will guide its development and significantly influence its progression.

Thanks to our experience in the world of cultivation, in Juma Metal we have observed how galvanized metal tutor is the best choice for crops, and is especially recommended for pistachio and almond plants.

The galvanized steel tutor guarantees firmness, versatility and constancy of characteristics over time thanks to the galvanic coating it enjoys.

Advantages of the galvanized pipe tutor

  • High durability, long service life.
  • Competitive pricing based on durability.
  • Reusable in different plantations.
  • Resaleable, as a valued material is galvanized.
  • Resistant to environmental conditions.
  • Easy handling, with the possibility of mechanized installation.
  • Tutor redondo tubo Juma Metal

Galvanized steel tutor characteristics

  • 20 mm galvanized tube tutor. diameter.
  • Tutor length 1,500 mm. and 1,850 mm.