Anchor rubber

The anchor rubber is an excellent alternative for holding vine crops. The agricultural trellis and trellis systems established in many crops demand a solution for the tie and containment that supports the development of the plant without strangling it and that is also resistant, durable and fast to handle.

This anchor rubber is suitable for tying fruit or ornamental trees to guide or to tutors in trellised fields, being the ideal attachment of the branch to the trellis in the cultivation of the vine.

Characteristics of the anchor rubber for guiding

  • High degree of elasticity that accompanies the growth of the plant.
  • Anchor-shaped end that provides easy placement and consequent labor savings.
  • Durability in the open, changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Made of rubber.
  • Prevents the appearance of lesions in the vegetable bark and subsequent host of harmful organisms such as fungi, bacteria or viruses.
  • Goma ancla Juma Metal