Intermediate trellis post for vineyard model JM13

Flagship of Juma Metal and a benchmark in the field of vine poles for its high value for money. This profile is the leader in its segment due to its balanced relationship between its development and its resistance, which allows it to be perfectly adapted to any type of situation.

This intermediate post thus becomes the most valid alternative to obtain a product with outstanding characteristics with an interesting investment. Undoubtedly, an appropriate choice to guarantee correct quality in your vineyard.

This vine post makes a great choice for higher than average trellises or heavier weight loads. Suitable for all types of soils, even the most demanding. Its high resistance facilitates a simple and fast installation.

Its design, with a central rib, gives this trellis post a magnificent resistance to support any height and load of the vineyard. The ribs at an angle of 90º give this profile for vine trellis exceptional values of resistance, flexibility, stability and durability over time, being one of the most demanded options in the sector.

The studied design with right angles allows to take advantage of all the strength of the high quality galvanized steel sheet with which it is manufactured. Accompanying the right angles, the multiple ribs throughout its development studied to provide the highest values of resistance and flexibility, make this vine post the most capable on the market.

In this way, the JM-13 post allows us to obtain the most efficient performance in its sheet metal development, making it truly versatile and suitable for heights and loads higher than normal within the sector.

This model of post for trellis JM-13 is available in standard measurements and thicknesses and can also be manufactured in different lengths, thicknesses and galvanized at the request of our clients.

  • Poste intermedio viña. Jumametal
Jumametal flecha espesor
1,5 mm. 1,8 mm. 2,0 mm.
Jumametal flecha vert
1,8 m. 2,0 m. 2,2 m.
Jumametal almacenar
Package 200 units.